Location: Bernese Oberland

Kandersteg Hiking Trails

Ober Bergli and the Bluemlisalp glacier

Hohturli Pass

Distance: 9.8 - 10.4 miles (Round Trip)

Hikers tackling the steep, strenuous ascent to Hohturli Pass are rewarded with stunning vistas of Oeschinensee Lake, marvelous mountain scenery and close-up views of dramatic glaciers.

Doldenhorn and Altels

Kandersteg (Sunnbuel) to Adelboden

Distance: 7.3 miles (One Way)

This challenging trail features panoramic views of the high peaks towering above the Spittelmatte, Uschene and Engstligenalp Valleys. The path is best suited for sure footed hikers who like demanding trails that cross exposed passes, travel along airy ridges and include steep ascents and descents.

Great views of the peaks forming the cirque above the Oeschinensee

Oeschinensee Loop

Distance: 5.2 miles (Loop)

This terrific loop hike features ever-evolving views of the magnificent glacial cirque towering above the Oeschinensee, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Swiss Alps.

Amazing sheer walls along the flanks of the peaks ringing the Oeschinensee

Griesalp to Kandersteg via Hohturli

Distance: 9.1 miles (One Way)

The challenging hike over Hohturli Pass features captivating vistas of the high peaks towering above the Kiental and Kandertal valleys, front row seats to the dazzling Bluemlisalp Glacier and stunning views of the rugged cirque soaring above the Oeschinensee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

Gross Lohner and the Tschingellochtighorn

Ammerten Pass and the Ammertenspitz

Distance: 5.5 - 6.5 miles (Round Trip)

Ascend the beautiful Engstligenalp valley to scenic Ammerten Pass with great views of the peaks surrounding the valley and the mountains rising to the south. From the pass a steep trail leads to the Ammertenspitz summit with panoramic views encompassing the summits towering above Adelboden, Lenk and beyond.

First view of the Daubensee

Gemmi Pass

Distance: 10.8 miles (Round Trip)

This trail travels up a pretty valley, rimmed by rugged cliffs and soaring peaks, passes the Daubensee, a photogenic lake, and then climbs to Gemmi Pass with panoramic views of the high peaks in the Valais, stretching from Monte Rosa to Dent Blanche and beyond.

High peaks towering above Oeschinensee

Allmenalp to the Bunderspitz

Distance: 4.4 miles (Round Trip)

Hikers completing the very steep climb to the summit of the Bunderspitz are rewarded with amazing views of the cirque soaring above the Oeschinensee along with the high peaks towering above the head of the Kandertal and Adelboden (Engstligental) Valleys.

Dundehorn and Schwarzhorn to the north

Frunden Hut

Distance: 7.8 miles (Round Trip)

Frunden Hut is set atop a rock knoll beneath the Frundenhorn and Frunden Glacier, over 3,200-ft. above the Oeschinensee, a beautiful lake. Dramatic views from the overlook encompass the Bluemlisalp massif, adorn with glaciers, along with the high peaks towering above the north side of the lake.

Altels, Balmhorn and Rinderhorn from First

Allmenalp to First

Distance: 4.0 miles (Round Trip)

A very steep climb leads to First, a great overlook high above the west side of Kandersteg, with 360-degree views of the high peaks towering above Oeschinensee, Spittelmatte and the Adelboden (Engstligental) Valleys.

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